Korean BBQ is such a wonderful thing, but could be somewhat heavy, and usually an occasion saved for the weekends. Joseph & Joey opened Bowllin’ in November 2015 to solve this problem and to introduce simple Korean BBQ culture to New Yorkers. We started serving Korean BBQ in a quick bowl on a bed of rice, with a variety of healthy sides (banchan), and with house made hot sauces. We are currently
located in the heart of the NYU area serving hundreds of students and locals in Greenwich Village. We would like to spread this idea to let people know that how great and approachable Korean food can be.

-Bowllin' open since 2015   

Made everyday from scratch with fresh ingredients and love based on Joey’s family recipe.


Bowllin' will also be at events around you! Contact us if you want us to be a part of your event or for any catering needs. Up- coming events and updates will be posted on our social channels. This year we were at:
Famous Food Festival
Grand Bazaar New York